An important part of seeking rehabilitation for substance dependence is knowing what to expect from a recovery program. Many are hesitant about therapy because they aren’t sure what it entails but with our alcohol addiction treatment near Alexandria VA, we offer a valuable program in which individuals are prepared for the process of recovery. If you or someone you care about is struggling with alcohol dependence, learn about the steps that you can take toward recovery.

Individual treatment provided by a professional rehabilitation center provides the support and the tools needed to take control of your life. At our recovery facility, we provide drug and alcohol addiction treatment tailored to address the specific needs and well-being of our clients. This includes access to our licensed and professional therapists, medical staff, and support groups.

When you arrive at our treatment center, you will be assessed by our friendly and experienced staff concerning your health and substance dependence. We will then advise on the steps to start your journey of recovery including medical detox and the creation of a therapeutic program. This program includes counseling sessions and therapies such as cognitive and behavioral so that you receive the help you need.

Our knowledgeable team will support you through the challenging process of withdrawal by providing medical care and encouragement every step of the way. Because withdrawal is potentially life threatening, it should always be monitored and managed by professionals in rehabilitation. We provide a wide range of therapies to introduce the resources and guidance that you can benefit from.

Substance dependence is hard to overcome on your own and the withdrawal process could even be life threatening. To give you the best possible start, reach out to our alcohol detox center and we will explain the programs and services that we offer. Our goal is to show that there are people who care and who can help you through recovery and rehabilitation.