Veteran Rehab Program for Addiction or PTSD

Former servicemen and women often find the transition back to civilian life challenging. This is particularly true for those who’ve seen active duty and who may have endured traumatic events or suffered a serious injury during their service. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration notes that in 2019, 3.9 million veterans had a mental illness and/or addiction issue.

These unique challenges mean rehab for veterans may require additional support if they’re dealing with drug- or alcohol-related issues. VA health care can provide some support, but dedicated drug detox programs run by people who understand the issues faced by military veterans can offer a better chance of long-term recovery and help reduce the risk of a relapse.

Why Veterans Need Specialized Rehab Programs

Military service can place challenges on people that those who’ve never served may struggle to understand. Those who joined the military when they were young may find the transition from military life to the civilian world difficult, even if they weren’t deployed to a combat zone.

Combat veterans face additional challenges. They may have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from things they saw while on duty or survivor’s guilt if they lost friends or squad mates in combat. Some veterans may be experiencing military sexual trauma or dealing with other issues such as traumatic brain injuries or chronic pain from wounds suffered during training or service.

For these veterans, leaving the military can feel like losing a support network and being left without the life skills required to cope in a less structured environment. Drug and alcohol use can offer a temporary escape from the challenges of normal life.

It can be difficult for health care professionals, even those at veterans affairs hospitals, who don’t have experience with military life to understand the underlying issues. Without that understanding of the stressors and triggers that veteran patients are dealing with, it can be hard to find the best long-term treatment, even in a residential drug rehab setting.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Veteran Rehabilitation

At Recovery Life Group, we understand the complexities of substance use disorders. Many veterans are living with multiple co-occurring disorders, and these may need individual treatment, beyond what the VA office can provide.

Addiction Medicine and Supervised Withdrawal

Our approach to rehabilitation starts with attempting to understand what drove the underlying addiction. At our outpatient centers in Upper Marlboro, MD, we offer medically managed detoxification to help veterans get past the initial stages and lessen withdrawal symptoms, but our drug rehab program doesn’t stop there.

Therapy for Substance Abuse and Alcohol Addiction

Once the physical aspect of withdrawal has been addressed, our recovery program can target the mental health issues the veteran may be facing. Our team has experience supporting people with a variety of mental health disorders, including PTSD, depression and anxiety. Our treatment team will perform a psychosocial assessment and work with the veteran to help them understand the challenges they’re facing and how to best address them.

Where information is available from a VA primary care provider, we can use this to guide and inform our treatment program. Not all the veterans we deal with have had contact with a physician via the VA, and each individual’s recovery process is different.

That’s why our veterans meet with nursing personnel and therapists as part of the intake process so we can assess their needs and arrange any medical supervision they might require, as well as lay out their ongoing treatment options. Someone struggling with anxiety disorder might require different treatments than someone who’s become addicted to prescription medicines, for example. Our personalized approach to drug and alcohol rehab ensures every person is treated appropriately.

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Evidence-Based Therapies for Veterans

The team at our Upper Marlboro, MD, treatment center takes an evidence-based approach to mental health and drug or alcohol addiction. In addition to medically assisted withdrawal, we offer several forms of mental health support, using techniques recognized by the American Psychiatric Association such as cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy and trauma-focused therapy.

By adding these therapies to our drug addiction treatment schedule, we can help veterans address the mental health challenges that may have led them to drug and alcohol abuse. Once a veteran has completed our drug or alcohol rehab program, we can help them find VA services they can engage with going forward. This ongoing support, plus our intensive relapse prevention initiatives, sets us apart from other rehab programs for veterans.

Our residential rehab for veterans is particularly useful for those who have a dual diagnosis. Drug and alcohol problems often occur in conjunction with mental illness, and the approach we take to treat substance abuse can assist veterans in more ways than just helping them stop using.

For example, working with homeless veterans can help them address the traumatic event that sparked their substance abuse issues. Even giving a name to a mental disorder is a big step, putting individuals on the path to recovery and allowing them to reclaim their lives.

Support Services for Veterans and Their Families

It’s often difficult for the family members of veterans to understand the challenges their loved ones face when they come home from service. We use a variety of techniques, including family therapy, to help veterans get back on the path to a happy and healthy life.

Having family members on board is important for relapse prevention. Working together, families can beat alcohol and drug abuse behaviors.

Our treatment programs don’t end when the veteran leaves one of our drug rehab centers. We offer ongoing support in the form of behavioral therapies, counseling service and regular support groups, so our clients know they always have someone to turn to if they fear they’re likely to return to drug or alcohol abuse again during a stressful time in their lives.

Rehab for Veterans at Recovery Life Group

At Recovery Life Group, we have extensive experience in helping veterans suffering from substance use disorder. We understand the unique challenges faced by former active service members and provide specialist rehab for veterans at our state-of-the-art treatment facilities. We work with many insurance providers and the VA, making treatment accessible to all.

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