Inpatient management in drug addiction cases present an opportunity for clients to begin their recovery journey with the aid of experienced medical practitioners. Some people may prefer this approach due to its close monitoring and timely intervention. They receive around-the-clock care and support to help them overcome their addiction to heroin and other substances from professional within a hospital setup. Here is how Inpatient Heroin Treatment in Washington DC Works.

Assessment and Evaluation

The first step in inpatient heroin treatment is a thorough assessment and evaluation. This phase involves meeting with our team of addiction management professionals. The expert will ask questions about the drug use history, physical and mental health, and social and family support systems. The purpose of this evaluation is to gain a better understanding of your unique needs and develop a personalized intervention plan at drug rehabilitation center.


The next step in hospital heroin management and care is detoxification commonly known as detox. This is the process of eliminating the drugs from the body and managing the associated withdrawal symptoms. During detoxification, individuals receive medical and psychological support to help them manage the physical and psychological effects of withdrawal. We always prescribe relevant involve medications to reduce cravings and alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Our medical team will include additional therapeutic interventions to address any underlying mental health issues.


After completing the detox process, individuals will move on to the rehabilitation phase of in-patient drug dependency care. This is where the most of our medical treatments work occurs for all clients. We take you through skills and strategies you need to maintain long-term recovery. Our comprehensive drug dependency treatment programs involve a combination of individual therapy and group therapy. We may include other subsidiary therapeutic interventions as art therapy, music therapy, and recreational therapy in the plan.

Aftercare Planning

The final step in the hospital-based drug dependency intervention is aftercare planning. This is the phase where we develop a plan for continuing care and support after leaving the rehab. Our plan of care here can include on-going therapy and support groups, as well as medication-assisted care. Our clients can also benefits from other forms of support to help individuals maintain their recovery. Aftercare planning is an essential part of our holistic drug dependency treatment, as it helps to reduce the risk of relapse and ensure long-term success in recovery.