The challenges of substance dependence are incredibly difficult to overcome without the professional assistance of a recovery program. The purpose of the programs offered at our drug dependency treatment center near Washington DC is to provide support and expert therapy to overcome substance use. In this guide, we explain the importance of committing to a rehabilitation program than attempting recovery on your own.

When you are affected by substance use and dependence, you experience continuous cravings making it difficult to quit using. At our inpatient rehab facility, we work with you by introducing coping strategies, skills, and clinical support to overcome cravings. Our aim is to provide important resources such as professional support and counseling so you can focus on recovery.

Another difficult part of the recovery process is withdrawal, which can make many individuals hesitant to seek therapy. Our team of experts manages withdrawal to improve your comfort and safely help you through detox. During and after detox, our patients are provided one-on-one therapy with a licensed counselor who will introduce individualized treatment plans.

Therapy is an integral part of our programs and we have qualified and experienced therapists offering different approaches based on your needs. We treat various substance dependence disorders and this includes identifying mental health conditions that co-occur with dependency. At our inpatient heroin treatment center, we believe that a supportive, educational, and structured approach will get you on the road to recovery.

To start anew and achieve recovery, our programs encourage fellowship and professional guidance, and a step-by-step process to deal with the triggers and the struggles affecting your sobriety. Ur recovery facility continues to work with patients on an individual basis in a safe and caring environment where you can focus on rehabilitation and taking control of your life. Speak to us for assistance and our dedicated team will create a space where your mental and physical health is prioritized.