Dealing with substance use disorder on your own is no easy feat. Although most people believe that drug abuse is a matter of failed willpower, addiction is actually a powerful disease. In fact, it’s currently recognized as a chronic mental health issue and is classified as such under the Affordable Care Act of 2017. If you or someone you care about will be entering a drug rehab facility Alexandria VA residents have access to, the following is everything you can expect.

Inpatient drug treatment programs are held on closed, secure grounds. These campuses are kept closed to limit access to illicit substances and to prevent clients from being exposed to temptations, triggers, and stresses that might increase their likelihood of relapse. Inpatient treatment separates people from toxic environments and relationships and gives them the chance to focus exclusively on getting well.

The first several days that you spend in a drug rehabilitation center will be centered around detoxing. You will receive medical support throughout this first and most challenging stage of your recovery. Medical and mental health professionals will be on hand to monitor your vital signs and leverage natural and medical interventions as needed. This process can include the targeted use of withdrawal medications, the implementation of a weaning program, and medical sleep and nutritional support.

Once you’re able, you can start taking part in various forms of behavioral therapy. These services will help you build your distress tolerance and develop healthy coping skills. Onsite counselors will also work with you to establish a long-term relapse prevention plan.

Drug rehab typically lasts between one and three months. The longer that people spend in treatment, the more likely they are to stay the course. For those recovering from highly addictive substances, rehab is often followed by time in sober living facilities, halfway houses, outpatient programs, or structured relapse prevention programs. To find out more or to speak with one of our admissions counselors, get in touch with Recovery Life Group today.